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Bringing over 15 years of experience in the recruitment industry, founders had an epiphany: The ability to leverage the right technology through the talent process, was where most organisations needed help. has experience in leading recruitment functions for global organisations in Japan, Australia and APAC, giving them an expert level end-user perspective on how these processes and systems work. In short, truly knows what’s going to work for varying types of businesses.


"There's a broad range of tech available and it's become beyond imperative to understand how to leverage it for different outcomes." 


Let us advise you on every step of the talent process.


"In its early stages, AI had quite a dubious reputation and was feared as a ‘Black Box’ that was incapable of backing its judgment/decisions with substantiating evidence. However, it is steadily gaining a more significant level of trust in recent times as it’s now capable of mimicking human intelligence in a more logical manner - and that’s some very reassuring news! Find out more here" - Tratica.

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